zGames – Perfect Game Designer

Since 2008 zGames has been making waves within the game industry as a highly innovative and adventurous mobile game designer. Over the years the development team has grown from strength to strength, proving themselves time after time to be one of the ones to watch in the mobile game sector each year.

Located in Houston, Texas, zGames has become one of the go-to game designers for a mobile game project of any size and scale. Right the way from initial prototyping, design, coding, and even testing extensively, they have any client completely covered from a development standpoint. They specialize in looking after the entire cycle, from there being nothing but an idea to a fully deployable and appealing game.

zGames runs the full gamut of capabilities when it comes to game development, with a hugely talented and creative team, covering all aspects including modeling, art, design, programming and much more. However, if there’s a game designer that is looking more for an additional helping hand in their artwork, zGames can provide this as an additional service https://www.zgames.com/services too.

There isn’t a game category that zGames won’t put their all into, and with many different genres already having been covered by their talented game designers https://www.zgames.com/game_design_document_development, it’s clear there’s a constant flow of potential from the team ready to be deployed across any project. Whether it be casual mobile games, gambling enabled games or that of a more educational route, they have the client covered, and can have prototypes ready in seemingly no time at all.

As if zGames experience alone wasn’t enough, they’ve collaborated with some of the top names in game publishing. Working with the likes of Taito, Atari, and Big Fish, along with many others to bring a range of highly popular and financially successful mobile games to market.

Using the increasingly popular https://www.zgames.com/unity_development Unity3D game engine, along with many other technologies, it will certainly be exciting to keep an eye on zGames in the future. As they have not only the talent but the knowledge and technical ability to bring any project to most platforms, right the way from mobile to desktop.

With such a strong group of game designers, artists, programmers and so forth, zGames https://www.zgames.com looks set to continue making waves within the game industry for a long time to come. They’re all clear about their love of making games, and bringing them to market for their clients. There’s a childhood passion that’s never stopped running forward in their minds, and it shows in all their work.